Friday, June 10, 2011

Went to San Francisco.... Made Flowers for your hair

This is a super fun super cheap and easy craft.   You can use it for hair clips, shirts, necklaces etc.

Start with Ribbon and a bunch of flowers from the Dollar Store and some buttons from a craft store.  You'll also need a needle and thread.

Begin by taking apart the flower and removing all plastic pieces.
 Take and layer the flower petals ..  rotate them to fill the spaces.

Once you have the flower looking the way you want it use either matching or coordinating thread to sew the flower together.
You can make it look nicer  : )   LOL...    I used green that way it looked like a part of a flower..

After you have made sure it is together sew button into the middle.

At this point you can sew it onto a shirt or ribbon or glue onto a package.  I used a glue gun to attach Bobbie pins.  Yes...  my sewing is ridiculously messy...  but it's on the back ...   so there.

My friend called and asked me to help with her daughters hair for a dance.  We used (Adopt a do) for ideas.   Mindy has amazing talent when it comes to hair.  I do not but I think Sarah looked adorable!

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