Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hanging Balls... There has to be a better name..

I've told you before ...  I'm one of those crafters that has grandiose ideas of these amazing projects I am going to do...  and then.. reality kicks in..

I'm sure I'm not the only one who buys beautiful fabric and never uses it.. I'm not sure what makes me think I'm really going to make a quilt...

So my crafting abilities are even more diminished now because I often have to do things one handed when little man feels like being held. (Did I tell you how cute my kid is... I digress)

SO what to do using my extra fabric that I can do quickly and at times with one hand?  Make an adorable Hanging Wreath Ball!

Begin with a Styrofoam ball of any size.  Just keep in mind you need a good amount of fabric so the bigger the ball the more fabric...

I used a 4in Styrofoam ball that I think I got at Walmart but any craft store should carry.  I also cut a bunch of 2 in squares of my scrap fabric ( approx 7 coordinating colors). You can also do all one color or just a few.  There is no right or wrong way to do this.  I left mine with a  ragged edge.

Here is the really fancy tool i used..  a lollipop stick...  I had some in my baking kit.  You can use anything that is smallish and has a dull end.

You take a piece of fabric and push dead center with your stick into the fabric and ball.  The fabric sucks in and becomes part of the ball. 

Place each piece of fabric very closely to the last one to keep it tight and filled in.  

Continue around the entire ball until it is covered.  Try to alternate the different colors around the ball.
Yes... I was sitting on my bed doing this.. 

Then cut a piece of ribbon to the desired length to hang your ball with.  I pinned mine to make sure I liked the length and then glued it into place.  You do not have to hang them.  They can also be placed in a bowl on a table.

The fun part of this craft is that you can make them to fit any color scheme or holiday you want.

I learned this technique as a kid buy making circle wreaths.  You can do this with any size/style of Styrofoam.