Friday, July 19, 2013

Doggie Birthday Bash

My Son turned 1 a few months ago and while trying to decide a theme for the party we thought we should listen to him...  Since he called everything a GOGGIE!!!  we figured a puppy party would be the most fun.

My SIL was awesome and helped make some of the great treats and decorations
Hey..  It's a puppy party : ) no cats!

Saw this idea on pinterest.  Just cut out ears from scrapbooking paper and drew the face with a Sharpie.
My SIL made this out of 2 thick poster boards.  How adorable is this!!

Our party favors.   Puppy Chow and Dog Biscuits.  My SIL made bone shaped sugar cookies as dog biscuits.  I mixed cocoa puffs with Scooby Doo bone cereal as puppy chow. Some guests thought we were really eating dog food.
I made Dirt and grass cupcakes and a doggie cake..   We could not find the cake topper that we wanted so we did some closet crashing and found and old McDonald's toy.  lol

And we served chips and salsa from dog bowls.

Happy Birthday Happy Kid!!

Bridal Showers and Love Banners

A While back I had the oppourtunity to plan an office bridal shower for a co worker.  
My theme for the party was purple and burlap.
This was my attempt to cover the ceiling fan : )

 I got some super cute Mickey mouse sugar cookies from the bakery that made the cake and put them in organza bags for the party favors along with bath bombs made by a co workers daughter.
We had quite the spread.  Artichoke Parmesan tartlets, finger sandwiches, spinach salad, fresh fruit, procuttio wrapped goat cheese stuffed dates, asparagus bread sticks and delicious sweet pasta salads in jars.  Super quick flower arrangement using silk flowers, square vase, glass beads and floral foam.
Wasn't this a cute Cake?

So I wanted something to match the theme and colors so I made my own banner.  It is a quick project but I think it brought the whole look together.

I bought my supplies at my local hobby lobby.  just glitter, mod podge and pre cut burlap pennents.  I mixed 2 colors of glitter to get the shade I wanted.

I then painted the letter on the burlap with the mod podge 

cover with glitter and then shake around to cover.
I glued each piece to some ribbon and strung it up.  

Like I said   Super quick!