Friday, July 13, 2012

Welcome to the World New Mommy

I haven't been attending to my blog for a long time.  I thought it was about time to get back into the swing of things.  I announced last year that I was expecting my first child. HERE I didn't realize even though I had an easy pregnancy and delivery how much energy growing a human takes.  So alas, my free moments before the baby were spent resting and my time since has been feeding and caring for an adorable little man.

I have been thinking a lot during my time feeding my little nugget and at night before bed about the interesting comments people make when you have children. It seems as though everyone has an opinion, experience or frustration they wish to share. I'm enamored with listening to people talk about how much they love their children young and very old.  I'm also surprised by the negativity that comes out of some peoples mouths about their children.    I'm grateful that I read the blog here at the  Diving for Pearls Blog.  She has so many wonderful thoughts on the beauty of children growing up and your joy as a parent watching and being a part of it.

I've only been a mama for 4 months so I know that there will be times in the future that I will pull my hair out, my kids will get on my nerves and I will need a vacation.  But right now I am trying to savor every second that I can from this blessing in my life.

Do I miss sleeping without interruption?  Do I tire of the flab that has taken over my body? Do I secretly fantasize about getting in my car and doing anything I want for just 2 hours? Do I wish that I could prepare and eat a meal without someone demanding to be fed first?   Of course, and anyone that says otherwise is lying.

But, I will tell you in the scheme of things none of that really matters.

None of those things can quite compare to growing and giving birth to a tiny little human that has characteristics of both you and your husband. ( Adopting in my opinion is just as amazing.. You may not physically create the baby but preparing your home to love and nurture a beautiful child and to give it the love and life another cannot is a miracle)

It is a beautiful and heartwarming sound to hear your child laugh and coo.  To see them smile at you when they're half asleep or when they see you across the room. To see them get startled and look to you for comfort and assurance that they are safe. And once they see you're OK that is all they need to know. It is so entertaining to watch them laugh at you when you make weird sounds or expressions or blow in their faces.

There is nothing quite as sexy as seeing your big ol husband pick out onesies and blankie for or change diapers on a tiny little baby. Or when you hear him make up ridiculous songs to sing to your upset child to make him feel better. And this new found tag team partnership and unspoken appreciation for each other after experiencing such intense excitement and love following giving birth.

I marvel at the joy that this little face brings perfect strangers when they see him at he flirts back.  How amazing it is to see the impact of a little spirit on the world.   And what a great reminder that we all started out so small and precious.  My interactions with others have been permanently altered because now I think of everyone as someone else's baby.

Just the thought of this beautiful little boy growing into a great man brings me to tears for two reasons. Firstly, that means that he will not always be this precious little baby and secondly, that he will have this amazing life he gets to live.

The best thing a person has said to him was this; "Welcome to the world little man.  You are going to have so many awesome experiences"

I thank my Heavenly Father everyday that I get to be with him for some of those experiences and more importantly that I get to be the Mom he runs home to tell about the good and bad.

My goal is to never take for granted this precious gift and I pray that I can be the mother that he needs.

I love this quote and wanted to share it with all of you.

Here is a copy for you to print out for your home.  Now go kiss your babies of all ages : )

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