Friday, April 22, 2011

Knitting Hats, Book Club and the idea of Half @*&%ed living.

So last night at Movie Book Club I started working on my 2nd knitted cap of all time.  I tried to be crafty and figure out how to change colors mid knit.   Lets just say there was some correcting that needed to happen.  As I was discussing my recent freakish crafty/coupony/baking obsession, I also mentioned my penchant for beginning things and not finishing or not making them as pretty or perfect as other crafters.  Low and behold my fellow readers have several half finish projects of their own.  They also have several hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of equipment and supplies sitting around. Basically the idea for this blog came to me through our raucous discussion of my desire to do all and be all but never getting around to it.  I love looking at other blogs with their pretty pictures, super crafty/clever/imaginative ideas, posts and thoughts.  But......  That's also generally extremely unrealistic (at least for me).   If you get a bee in your bonnet to craft, save money, try something new etc.  and it turns out well half the time...  Then this is the blog for you....

Note: the picture is not styled...  and the hats are different sizes  : )   Like I said...  Things aren't always perfect in my world.

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  1. You are clearly my soulmate, let's get married.

    I read on another blog that we do not share a sickness, but instead both have a degree! We are crafting P.H.D.'s (project half done)

    I think one of your half-hats would look great with one of my sweater-portions, or maybe one of my socks. Not a pair, I said one.

    It's not our fault. Clearly I would finish a project if I wasn't so darn busy starting a bunch of other ones!