Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Little Birdy teaching you how to be CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP

Ok…  Yesterday hopefully you got started with daily emails that will save you money.  Here are some other sites that you can sign up for that will give you free products, Info on where to find deals, coupons or discounts on home and clothing.

Here are sites that are either directly from a manufacturer or affiliated with them.  They will send you free products (usually full size) or coupons to get a free product just to try them out and tell your friends. They are a great way to try something new for free and be the first to be in the know.

Kraft First Taste:

These sites send out daily emails to inform you of any freebies out there that can be mailed directly to your house or that you can pick up.  A lot of times they are smaller samples but you have to look at it like it was one less thing you had to buy.  They almost always come with coupons for more products.  Be cautious of other sites.  There are tons out there but some are just fishing for info.   Never give more than name and address and basic info.  NEVER give out your social security number or credit card numbers.
Allyou magazine (this mag sends out a daily email and the print form contains $70-80 of coupons inside)

These sites have daily extreme discounted deals or a monthly deal.  Some give you money to sign up or for referring friends.  These are for clothes, accessories and housewares
The Foundry:  $39.95 a month only if you buy something.  This is for shoes, purses and jewelry.

Some of these are strictly coupons; some are blogs that show you how to save money.  They are updated daily with the best deals.  These are the best ways to stay up on new contests, coupons, giveaways, best ways to use your coupons and coupon policy changes.
Also, check with grocery stores that you shop at for store coupons.  These can be used in conjunction with manufacturers coupons for extra savings.  I love shopping at Safeway because they have their club card deals, in store coupons, JustforU coupons and they allow manufacturers coupons.  My last trip i saved $120 on my shopping trip.  

Coupon codes:  Even If you don’t have a coupon check online.  Often times there are codes you can use online during a purchase that will give you free shipping or a percentage off.  Ebates always has these listed but you can also visit sites like or or just Google the words coupon code and the website name to find them.

One other great site is  This allows you to compare prices on an item on several websites.  Keep in mind with online shopping that shipping has to fit in with your overall cost.  Just because you find something $5 cheaper doesn’t mean it really is cheaper if the shipping is $10 more.

Just implementing a few changes here and there with your shopping will be long term savings.   Every penny adds up! 

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