Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Saving you some scratch .. Unless you wanna itch...

So the Hub’s and I LOVE :  Going Places, Trying new things, Buying Stuff, Staying in nice hotels etc…   We like to DO A Lot but I do not like to pay A LOT .

You may have seen the show Extreme Couponing on TLC.  I enjoy watching the show and it has inspired me to coupon a ton.  BUT! That show is totally unrealistic.  These women spend 30+ hours a week cutting and organizing coupons, stalking mailmen and newspaper deliverers, miss out on family gatherings and cover their houses full of items that some of them don’t even need.  Now I say more power to them if it makes them happy and saves them money but how do us normal people implement money saving into our already busy daily lives?  This was my quest…  The internet is an amazing place and there is a ton of info out there.  I search all of the time for deals, coupons, freebies and sales.   Here is a list complied from several of the sites I use. These are links through my accounts or you can go to the website directly.  I hope it will reduce your search time and save you some dollars!  

Today's Blog is about Saving money online through email sites.  I will post more later this week about Couponing, Travel savings and Clothing savings.

Note: Not all sites have a discount for your area but you can sign up anyway for national deals or for areas that you visit on a regular basis.  We love San Francisco so I sign up for deals in that area.

  1. BEFORE YOU SIGN UP FOR THESE I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SETTING UP A SAVINGS EMAIL ACCOUNT SEPARATE FROM YOUR REGULAR EMAIL.  You will get lots of emails and it is nice to not have them all jumbled.
  2. If there is a store that you frequent often or a product that you use on a regular basis : sign up for emails directly from that store.  You will get coupons, discounts and updates that are not available unless you are on the list.  (I do this for certain clothing stores, craft stores and restaurants)
  3. SIGN UP FOR EBATES!!!!!!  You can get money back on these purchases!!! I got a check last week.

Discount Websites that send daily emails (Buy tickets, products, gift cards etc.)

These websites save you 50-99% on things you probably already use or want to try.  They also reward you for any referrals and sometimes just for joining. :

Living Social :
Goldstar: (free tickets to punchline)

Try them out.  You never know what discounts may pop up for things you like or for something you have always wanted to try.

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