Thursday, September 15, 2011

Paper Crafties #2

So I've seen around pinterest and the rest of the internet really cool little stencil or cut out art pieces and thought I would try it out. 

So this is the idea I came up with.  This was pre cricut  so  I think I will try again with a steadier cut but I thought the idea was cute nonetheless.

I started with creating 2 sign ideas on picnik.

You can use these as printables or as templates for the project.

I then used an xacto knife to cut out the shapes.

After that I cut small squares and reqtangles out of scrapbooking paper to be the fill in colors.  I taped them onto  the back and thats it.  Stick it in a frame and you are all set!


  1. I love both of your cute! But, I especially love your floral blog background! Thanks for linking to my party! I love to discover new blogs.

  2. Great ideas! i will make it, thanks for sharing