Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DE LUshious

So I've been working on the house and reading....  so I've been neglecting my posts...  Ummm..  The new Stephanie Plum book came out!
 One thing I did create was a new brownie trifle version of my Chocolate Haze Cake.
This is super simple and de lushious!!  not just delicious : ) 
Take 2 boxes of Betty Crocker Brownie mix ( i mixed one milk chocolate with one dark chocolate)  Follow directions on the box  EXCEPT: Replace the water with Hazelnut Coffee Creamer.  Spread the chocolaty goodness on a cookie (hotel) pan (with sides)  and sprinkle with Honey Almond (Almond Accents)  these are for salad but they are sweet almond slivers that taste delicious!
Bake until  chewy : )  Allow to cool completely.  When they have cooled.  Break them into little clumps and line a trifle dish or bowl.  You wont use all of the brownies but extra chocolate in our house is never turned down : )

Make your chocolate Hazelnut Mousse    1 pint of Whipping Cream with several heaping spoonfuls of nutella while blending.   Once light and fluffy spoon mixture over brownie layer.  Pour over one box of fresh raspberries and cover with another layer of brownies.   Spoon onto a plate or bowl and eat your heart out! 

This was a huge hit!  It was eaten up very quickly!!  So quickly I forgot to take a before picture!


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  2. Thank you so much for stopping by Cast Party Wednesday last week. I really appreciate you sharing your recipe with us. I hope you will join us again for another awesome party filled with yummy recipes.
    Thanks Again!