Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to You.. or Yppah if you prefer.

So...  For my girlies at work I like to make sure they get something super yummy for their birthdays.  We had two ladies this week with birthdays so I also wanted to make a cute bunting that I've been seeing all over the place.

 I got a killer groupon for fabric..  so I stocked up and used this fabric to make the bunting.  I found a template at Eventful Party Planning to use to cut the fabric.  I then glued on Letters that I had just printed off of the computer and cut out.  Then each pennant was glued onto ribbon.

Here's the problem... I sometimes stretch myself too thin... and do projects very late at night...  Here's what happens.....

Notice the spelling?????

Needless to say they thought it was cuter this way so we left it..  Not to bad for being misspelled and all...

So...  something that came out better was the birthday cake.   I wanted to make something summery..  I reused the white cake recipe from 2 posts ago and filled the middle with a recipe from HERE.   Strawberry Mousse.
Remember when putting a gooey filling in between 2 round cakes it is best to use your pastry bag to make a barrier with icing to hold the filling in the middle.  Once that was done I lightly frosted the entire cake.  I used a large 1M star tip to zig zag up and down the sides of the cake.
Once that was complete around the whole cake I did little stars around the top border to clean up the look..  

I found a demo on how to make fondant flowers Here and then changed it up to be a little simpler...

I mixed red food gel into a ball of fondant and rolled it all out.  Using a round cookie cutters I cut out circles.

starting in the middle of the circle... Push down and pull with a spoon to soften edges and create a ruffled effect.
grabbing underneath pinch the middle and push up to create the look of a flower.

I made slight variations in the colors and covered the top of the cake with the flowers.

The Shabby Nest


  1. Wow. I want to work with you so I can get something this special for my birthday! You are amazing! :)

  2. That's crazy impressive! I'm not at all handy in the kitchen and I'm very jealous of people who make pretty edible things like this!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm your newest follower now too! By the way, I couldn't reply to your comment via email because you're one of those no-reply@blogger people. Love your blog design though! : )

  3. You are a very dedicated friend! Stopping by to say hello from the Follow Me Friday Hop.